Our System Meets the Demands of Medical Practices and Major Hospital Systems

IP Video Management

Live and Recorded Videos

Our VMS platform provides a variety of medical practices with the ability to deploy a video document network that will match your specialty.


Count on the Availability 

With multiple failover, redundancy and maintain mechanisms built-in, you can depend on the Quad Video Halo in your critical operations.

Future Proof

Video that Complements Your Practice

Providing a flexible and open architecture that ensures you can adapt to the evolving demands in the HealthCare Industry.

Remote Medical Desk

Easily Configure a State-of-the-Art Video Wall

Using standard flat panel displays, allowing you to monitor operating rooms, control live and playback video, and change tile layouts.

Key Features

Unified Video Platform

Quad Video Halo continues to drive innovation in the HealthCare market by providing access to a multitude of features, while continuously allowing physicians to perform safe procedures.

High-Definition Video

Manage HD Video Over Your Network

With the increased need for higher resolution, our megapixel cameras use top of the line intelligent video management software.

Video Watermarking

Add a Digital Signature

To each recorded video frame to ensure its authenticity and that the video evidence can be admissible in court.

QVH Mobile

Monitor Live Video Feedback

Alarms may be set to physician’s preferences, and share live video with colleagues from your smartphone while preforming surgery or procedures.

Multi-Site Operations

Centralize Your Multi-Site Operations

Seamlessly bridge independent and remote systems from multiple sites, to continuously monitor all operations from a single location using QVH-HQ.

About Us

Quad Video Halo is defining the standard for medical recording technology. We are pioneering outcomes and safety through transparent documentation and protocol driven practice.

The (QVH) system consists of three assemblies: a Ring Clamp, a Cart, and an Interface Module. The (QVH) System provides medical procedure recording for operation room procedures that require C-Arm fluoroscopy. The recordings documented by QVH can be used to increase transparency and prevent litigation, to allow for collaboration during procedures without having all personnel onsite, or to demonstrate techniques for professional improvement or medical students.

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