Halo Components

1080p HD Camera

Integrates 1080 HD POE Cameras to provide video recordings from doctor’s perspective and patient view.

The first patented device that integrates two 1080p HD cameras, LED light source and high definition image management that communicates to our HALO video management cart.

LED Record Light

Recording indicator light shows the physician and medical staff when the HALO is recording the procedure with a blue led light.

Adjustable Camera Link

Securely clamps to C-ARM Fluoroscopy.

Adjustable camera arms to ensure all your recording views are spot on.
Halo Cart Components

Halo Cart

– 27” Touchscreen Monitor
– Integrated 1080 HD POE Camera provides video recording and surgical timeout.
– HALO Video Management Software and Backup Power Supply
– Bar Code Scanner for Drugs and State Issued Identification
– Cloud Based Recordings of procedures
– 24/7 Monitoring and Real-Time Support
– Medical Grade Cart
Interface Module

Electrical Isolation

– Provides electrical isolation for video connections from the Ring Clamp to the Cart for patient and user safety
– Power for the Ring Clamp lighting
– Video encoder for digitizing the video output from the C-Arm X-ray
– Sound output from the Ring Clamp microphone.

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