Collaborate real-time medical examinations or procedures that can be archived.


For providers and counsel in the injury market, minimizing the likelihood of fraudulent procedures.

Operating Room

QVH technology offers High Definition pan, tilt and zoom focusing on the patient procedure and attending medical personnel.

Performance Reviews

This system has the ability to capture the video and audio presence of all participants in the examination and procedure rooms.

“Innovations in Medicine” on PBS TV

interviews Dr. Donovan about Quad Video Halo

In the United States, according to the Center of Disease Control, there are over 39 million injuries a year which means in America over 108,000 people are injured daily.

This leads to over 115,000 Emergency Room visits, and over 252,000 medical visits a day for these injuries. We know that this market needs help and we know that our QVH technology is leading the way for better outcomes for you the patient and your doctor.

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Innovations in Medicine

Scroll Down to watch "Innovations in Medicine" on PBS TV interview with Dr. Donovan.



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